The Worksport Truckbed Power System

Experience Freedom From The Grid

The SOLIS solar folding tonneau cover uses collected solar energy to charge the COR battery system. It can generate up to 650W of power while still protecting the truck’s bed.

Portable Power On Demand,

Where And When You Need It.

Off-Grid Clean Energy With Tough Reliability.

The Worksport SOLIS solar-charging truck bed cover is the first of its kind, pairing ground-breaking, clean technology with the hard-working and precision-engineered toughness you expect from your tonneau cover.

In just 2.5 hours
Covers to fit most major makes and models of trucks
Protect your truck bed while helping eliminate CO2
Proudly Assembled in the USA

The Truck Bed Power System

Worksport’s truck bed power system kit will come with COR (which includes one hub inverter and one battery), SOLIS Folding Solar Tonneau Cover, rail mounting system, MPPT (solar charge controller), and all cables necessary.

Disconnect while
staying connected.

SOLIS panels have an extra thick copper foundation to facilitate flex, helping to avoid power loss from cracking and corrosion.

Available In Two Configurations To Fit Every Lifestyle

3 Panel & 4 Panel


The Portable Power Team That’s changing the face Of the pickup world.


A single truck can gain 2050 miles per year in added range - That’s the equivalent of 5.4 trips between L.A. and San Francisco.

Get COR Portable ESS!

Discover power on the go

COR by Worksport keeps you charged all day, every day, with its scalability and effortless functionality. Stay in control with long-lasting energy that goes with you. 11 outlets to power whatever, whenever and uninterrupted power during battery changes with our hot swap technology. COR keeps you going…and going…and going.

*Starting at $25 deposit. Balance due when shipping starts.

COR Hub + 1 Battery

2000 Watts / 1500 Wh

30+ Laptop charges
100 Phone Charges
11hrs Refrigerator
2hrs Air Conditioning
COR Hub + 2 Batteries

2000 Watts / 3000 Wh

60+ Laptop charges
200 Phone Charges
22hrs Refrigerator
4hrs Air Conditioning
COR Hub + 3 Batteries

2000 Watts / 4500 Wh

120+ Laptop charges
300 Phone Charges
33hrs Refrigerator
6hrs Air Conditioning
Truckbed Power System

2000 Watts / Portable Microgrid

Unlimited Laptop Charges
Unlimited Phone Charges
Unlimited Refrigeration
Unlimited Air Conditioning

Power on the Road

Explore the road less travelled

2.5 hours to charge a single COR battery (1.5kWh) under optimal conditions with 8’ truck bed.
$487 Fast Charger savings per year.
Our high-quality materials undergo rigorous testing, helping to ensure long life.

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