SC3 - Chevy Silverado Closed.png
SC3 - Chevy Silverado Half Open.png
SC3 - Chevy Silverado Open.png
SC3 - Rambox - Buckle
SC3 - Buckle
SC3 - Front Latch - Closed
SC3 - Rear Latch - Closed
SC3 - Corner
SC3 - Seal
SC3 - Rambox - Front Latch - Closed
SC3 - Rambox - Rear Latch - Closed
SC3 - Rambox - Corner
SC3 - Rambox - Rear Latch - Open
SC3 - Worksport Badge
SC3 - Rambox - Seal
SC3 - Chevy Colorado Closed.png
SC3- Chevy Colorado Half Open.png
SC3 - Chevy Colorado Open.png
SC3 - Dodge Dakota Closed.png
SC3 - Dodge Dakota Half Open.png
SC3 - Dodge Dakota Open.png
SC3 - Dodge Ram Closed.png
SC3 - Dodge Ram Half Open.png
SC3 - Dodge Ram Open.png
SC3- Dodge Ram 1500 Rambox Closed.png
SC3- Dodge Ram 1500 Rambox Half Open.png
SC3 - Dodge Ram 1500 Rambox Open.png
SC3 - Ford F-150 Closed.png
SC3 - Ford F-150 Half Open.png
SC3 - Ford F-150 Open.png
SC3 - Ford F-250 Closed.png
SC3 - Ford F-250 Half Open.png
SC3 - Ford F-250 Open.png
SC3 - Ford Maverick Closed.png
SC3 - Ford Maverick Half Open.png
SC3 - Ford Maverick Open.png
SC3 - Ford Ranger Closed.png
SC3 - Ford Ranger Half Open.png
SC3 - Ford Ranger Open.png
SC3 -GMC Canyon Closed.png
SC3 -GMC Canyon Half Open.png
SC3 - GMC Canyon Open.png
SC3 - GMC Sierra Closed.png
SC3 - GMC Sierra Half Open.png
SC3 - GMC Sierra Open.png
SC3 - Honda Ridgeline Closed.png
SC3 - Honda Ridgeline Half Open.png
SC3 - Honda Ridgeline Open.png
SC3 - Jeep Gladiator Closed.png
SC3 - Jeep Gladiator Half Open.png
SC3 - Jeep Gladiator Open.png
SC3 - Nissan Frontier Closed.png
SC3 - Nissan Frontier Half Open.png
SC3 - Nissan Frontier Open.png
SC3 - Toyota Tacoma Closed.png
SC3 - Toyota Tacoma Half Open.png
SC3 - Toyota Tacoma Open.png
SC3 - Nissan Titan Closed.png
SC3 - Nissan Titan Half Open.png
SC3 - Nissan Titan Open.png
SC3 - Toyota Tundra Closed.png
SC3 - Toyota Tundra Half Open.png
SC3 - Toyota Tundra Open.png



SC3 - Chevy Silverado Closed.png

Key Features

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  • Proudly Designed in the USA
  • Designed to fit your truck bed
  • Ultra-light weight
  • Extra strong tamper resistant latches
  • Tear resistant tarp
  • Weather resistant Q-seals
  • Durable reinforced double hinge
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Local support
  • Free, same-day shipping

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Worksport SC3 Soft Tonneau Cover

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