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Learn More Where to buy

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Introducing Worksport™ SC4. The only four panel, soft folding cover that offers true full bed access

The classic Worksport™ SC3. One of the most sold covers in the market. Designed and manufactured with customer in mind.

Replacement parts on demand

Visit the Worksport™ online store to easily get what you need.

Unique covers for all your needs

Our range of tonneau covers are designed to fit a variety of uses and budgets. Browse through the different materials and features to decide which cover is right for you.


The number of panels in a cover determines fold size and truck bed access.

3 Panel – Worksport’s 3-Panel cover’s simple construction makes the most affordable option.

4 Panel – The additional panel in the 4-Panel option allows this cover to collapse to a smaller final size and folds up against the rear window providing the most amount of ac- cessibility to the truck bed.


A tonneau cover provides security for your cargo and protection from the elements.

Soft Cover – Worksport’s SC line of covers features a lightweight construction, which makes it affordable, easily removable and secure.

Smart Latch – Worksport’s Pro Model features our patented Smart Latch system for single handed access.


The type of latch is a factor when considering security and accessibility.

Cam Latches – Cam Latches are standard manual latches that offer the most cost effective solution.

Tough Cover – The TC line features durable aluminum panels, which provides load strength, and increased security.