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AL3 Pro

We recently launched our Worksport AL3 Pro quick latch hard tonneau cover.

Our AL3 Pro aluminum panels are Heavy gauge 3000 series aerospace grade aluminum.

The AL3 Pro weight is 45-50 pounds.

The thickness of the panels on our AL3 Pro is 0.05 (16 gauge)

The corner seals for our AL3 Pro are crafted using EPDM foam.

The AL3 Pro features 6000 series aluminum with Sherwin Williams powder coat delivering superior resistance to UV radiation and outdoor weathering.

On our AL3 Pro, we utilize elastomeric hinges made from high-grade EPDM rubber for excellent resistance to UV and outstanding low-temperature performance.

On the AL3 Pro panels, we apply a proprietary high durability textured paint coating.

On the AL3 Pro, we use Xenoy polymer panel caps known for their excellent low-temperature impact, UV resistance, toughness, and chemical resistance.

On the AL3 Pro, we use fasteners that are plated with a black zinc-nickel finish. 500-hour salt spray resistance.

We use a combination of rigid polypropylene base and quad TPV fins for the fin seals on the AL3 Pro.

The AL3 Pro brackets are constructed with carbon steel, featuring Sherwin Williams powder coat and zinc-nickel finish on fasteners.

The corner pad on the AL3 Pro is made from closed-cell EPDM foam.

We use closed-cell EPDM foam and rigid plastic base for the AL3 Pro.

Our AL3 Pro Quick latch is engineered with a polymer housing and bolt. Zinc-nickel finish on fasteners. Coated steel cable with soft-touch sleeves at pull points.