Frequently Asked Questions

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Energy Products

Currently Worksport has not developed an adaptor to plug directly into your electric vehicle.

The SOLIS is currently not sold as a standalone product but that may change in the future.

Yes, the COR will be available as a standalone product.

Watts is the amount of power the system puts out, kWh is the amount of storage a system has.

Our standard COR will power the same of your average 20 amp breaker.

If running maximum power (2KW) the COR system will run for about 45 minutes. However, most items such as a fridge uses 67kWh so it would run for approximately 22 hours.

3h from a 500W charger, 2.5h from a big Solis cover under strong Sun, 1.5h from the COR hub.


You need to know the make, model, and year of your truck. Also, as described below, measure the box and bed of your truck to ensure the correct tonneau size is ordered.

Measure inside box length in inches by holding tape measure as shown in diagram. Match this dimension to the closest inside box length shown in our application guide coinciding with model and year of your truck.

Please choose the Year, Make and Model on the "Search Products" section on the home page: Home Page.


You will find all our tonneau covers and dealers on our website

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Meta Pay, Google Pay, Discovery, and Diners Club.

Yes, we charge applicable sales tax on all orders.

Yes, we ship outside of the continental US, including to Hawaii, Alaska, and non-US countries. Additional shipping fees and/or international charges may be incurred for such shipments. 

Due to the size of our products, orders cannot be shipped to PO boxes or Military addresses.


SC3 Cover Install Instructions.


SC3 Pro Cover Install Instructions.


SC4 Cover Install Instructions.


If you have any further questions or need technical assistance with the installation of any Worksport tonneau cover, we are happy to assist. Feel free to drop us an email at or call us at 1-888-554-8789.



Worksport is committed to shipping most products within 24 hours, though shipping times may vary depending on destination.

Worksport will send an email confirmation once your order is complete. The email will also include a tracking ID for you to track your order.

Please contact customer support within 24 hours at

Soft Tonneau Covers

Installing a tonneau cover on your truck can help reduce aerodynamic drag and improve MPG.

None of our tonneau covers require drilling for installation. If you use a truck bed liner, some modifications may be required for installation of our cover.

Worksport’s SC3 cover is an economical cover for the average user. Worksport’s SC4 cover offers 100% full bed access, folds into four sections, and flips against the rear window.

Worksport’s tonneau covers are designed to withstand the elements, including heavy snowfalls. However, it is not recommended to stand, place items, or add additional weight onto the tonneau cover.

Yes, the SC3 cover can be driven if latched securely on both sides in the open position, flat on the truck bed.

Yes, the SC4 cover can be driven if latched securely on both sides in the open position, flat on the truck bed, i.e., not in the upright position against the rear window.

While automatic car washes are typically safe, please check with the car wash first. Do not select any type of wax treatment as the ingredients could potentially harm the cover.

You can clean your cover with vinyl approved cleaning products. Do not use cleaning chemicals, any silicon-based products, or vinyl conditioner.

We do not recommend that anyone stand or place heavy objects on a Worksport tonneau cover.

We recommend regularly checking the clamps on your tonneau cover to ensure they are secure.

Extremely easy. Simply release the clamps at the tailgate, fold the cover, and loosen the clamps at the cab for quick and easy removal.

The SC3 tonneau cover comes fully assembled and typically installs within about 15 minutes.

The SC4 tonneau cover requires the installation of two bed rails and can typically be installed within about 30 minutes or less.

The SC3 cover may require a utility knife to cut the bulkhead seal.

The SC4 cover requires a Phillips screwdriver, needle nose pliers, utility knife, and supplied Allen hex key.

Some aftermarket truck accessories do affect the tonneau installation. Please check with the original manufacturer of the truck accessory for compatibility with tonneau covers.

To perform the installation, cut holes in the bed liner where the clamps will be positioned. The clamps must be flush against the metal of the truck.

While there is no lock on the tonneau cover itself, if the truck has a lock on the tailgate, the tonneau cover will be secure with contents of the truck bed.

Complete the contact us form with a description of the part you are seeking: Contact Us Form.

A Worksport tonneau cover, specified for a vehicle that has an OEM utility track, will also come with a utility bracket to accommodate the utility track.  

Our soft covers weigh between about 15-25 lbs.

Our soft cover fabric is made from a durable, weather-resistant vinyl material.

Worksport tonneau covers are built essentially weather tight, using strong rubber seals to create superior sealing against normal rain, dust, and car washing.


In the event you have a Warranty Claim but have not registered your warranty within 30 days from purchase date, you can send an email to with the original proof of purchase.

Worksport is proud to have a limited lifetime warranty on most products. Check your individual product for confirmation of warranty coverage.

Worksport’s warranty does not include any damage caused by improper installation or use.

The warranty applies to the original consumer/purchaser of the tonneau cover for the truck on which the cover was originally installed.

Access our warranty form clicking here