Why You Need A Portable ESS

Why You Need A Portable ESS

Many people only give portable power a little thought once they need it. The truth is, there are many reasons why you should have a backup battery to keep your devices charged and appliances running.

Don’t be caught off guard. Be prepared for situations like these:

  • When the power goes out at home or work, and you need to charge your cell phone, tablet, laptop, etc.;
  • To help keep your devices charged while travelling;
  • In emergencies that require communication, such as natural disasters or blackouts.

A portable power source on hand can come in handy and is less expensive than you might think. The next time you're in the market for a new gadget or need a little peace of mind, consider investing in portable power!

Travelling will Never Be The Same

-When planning a trip, whether cross-country or to the cabin, bring your portable charger to stay connected with family and friends.

-Keeping portable power on hand is a great way to remain calm and prepared in an emergency.

-Many people use portable chargers as backup batteries when travelling or going out on a trip so their devices will not run out of battery life during the day.

-Solar Power can take your portable power to the next level, allowing you to charge your power station while relaxing lakeside, ensuring you are ready for whatever the night has in store.

Be Prepared

-If you're looking for a way to reduce your electric bill, energy storage systems that offer solar options, such as Worksport’s COR and SOLIS, can be used as an energy-efficient alternative to traditional power, even during rolling blackouts.

-Home Renovations? Don’t be left in the dark. Portable power stations such as COR go where you do, offering power where needed with no harmful emissions.

-Emergencies, including natural disasters, can happen at any time, and if you're without power, you could be in for a long, scary night. A portable power bank can be a lifesaver, allowing you to charge your phone, laptop, and other devices and remain connected with up-to-date information.

Be the King of the Tailgate 

-Pellet grills are taking centre stage for their slow, even heat. You’ll be the MVP when you have a portable power station with a solar-charging option, such as Worksport’s COR and SOLIS, which work seamlessly together to create a mobile energy storage system with the only high-powered solar charging tonneau cover on the market.

-Keep the music bumping between plays, of course!

-Never run out of phone power with USB ports for everybody’s phones, laptops and tablets.

What Should I Look for In a Portable Power Station?

-Scalability is critical. Once you realize the benefits of your portable power station, you’ll discover numerous uses previously not thought of before. Make sure you have enough power by choosing a scalable system, such as the COR by Worksport, which allows you to add batteries as required.

-Many portable energy storage systems are rechargeable, which means you can use them over and over again. Some, like the COR, even allow you to replace just the battery when the time comes, saving you money in the long run and helping to protect our environment.

-When looking for a good quality portable power bank, it is vital to consider the size and weight of the battery.

-It is also essential to find a flexible and portable energy system, allowing you to add wattage when needed and keep things running smoothly. We recommend at least 2000W and 1500Wh with the ability to add additional batteries as required for larger loads.

Finally, consider how you will charge your portable power bank and how long your downtime will be. Look for an option that offers swappable batteries or a quick charging time to get you back up and running.

There are a few reasons you might need portable power in your life. You may work from home and lose power often. Or you're an outdoor enthusiast who loves to camp, hike, or bike. No matter your reason, portable power is an excellent investment to ensure you're always prepared.

Having a backup plan is always a good idea, especially when it comes to something as crucial as your power supply. Portable power can be a great way to ensure you're never without electricity, no matter the situation. Portable power is a must-have for everybody, whether at home or on the go.

Are you looking for more information on portable power? Get the answers you need, or reserve yours now on our website at worksport.com.

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