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“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors ,we borrow it from our children”

- Native American Proverb -



“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors ,we borrow it from our children”

- Native American Proverb -

Worksport Ltd. was founded in 2011 with a passion for making products better, simpler, and more beautiful, bringing innovation to an innovation-less market.

Starting as a producer of tonneau covers for pickup trucks in the United States and Canada, Worksport has since evolved to position itself as an innovator in its space. Over the past 5 years Worksport has been working on its hybrid energy system named TerraVis, a portable solar power generation system capable of forming personal microgrids for pickup trucks. Developing the technology that makes up the TerraVis system is the first step in the Company’s strategy to increase its market share through innovation in the automotive and clean tech sectors

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Worksport aims to elevate today’s pick-up truck by creating intelligent accessories that enhance and refine its practical capabilities, while innovating to meet the evolution of pick-up trucks in the future. The goal of Worksport is to revolutionize the way we charge electric vehicles.


Re-defining what the pick-up truck accessory market looks like with the planned production of next-generation tonneau covers that will provide solar generated portable power, adding driving range to the forthcoming EV (Electric Vehicle) pickups and creating mobile microgrids.

Core Values

Responsibility: Build with smart strategy and innovative products
Integrity: Delivering great quality & value
Innovation: Delivering new intriguing solutions to market
User-Driven Development: Becoming a brand to suit many lifestyles

Worksport & EV Market

We’re really excited about the TerraVis system charging the much anticipated and forthcoming EV-Pickup Trucks. To start, the TerraVis can provide up to 30%, or more, of the power needed for the average daily commute.

We are currently working with EV Truck manufacturers for the purpose of developing and integrating TerraVis into their designs.

With the onset and adoption of EV’s comes tomorrow’s problem – where is the power coming from? TerraVis endeavours to be the answer. We believe this positions Worksport as an attractive investment in a growing and dynamic market.

The TerraVis is much more than what meets the eye; designed to be the world’s first fully modular truck bed cover system, a myriad of accessories can be mounted and used for different jobs, large and small and by a range of pickup truck owners. We have cargo dividers and storage bags for the weekend warrior. We have mounts and racks for the job site contractor. We have support for speakers, coolers, and grills for our tailgating friends.

Unlike most consumer goods, the Terravis system is not just a single sale unit but also a system where customers continue to purchase accessories to fit their evolving lifestyle. From more batteries to tool bags and storage chests. TerraVis provides a revenue model that is unlike any brands before us.

Lastly, with the Terravis & COR battery system’s expected release in late 2021, we are catering to a whole new market. We plan to offer the TerraVis system through both our B2B and B2C market channels. Our accessories aim to bring innovative utility to truck beds but will provide a source for off-grid power without range or plug anxiety.

TerraVis COR™

The TerraVis COR™ Battery system will allow power from the cover to be stored in modular battery packs, storing over 6 kilowatts (kW) of energy, able to utilize up to four batteries that can be kept and transported in the truck’s bed, using the TerraVis™ mounting system.

With our TerraVis COR™ Battery, we immeasurably expand our market potential. What’s exciting about “COR” is that it will also be a standalone consumer product. Our unique battery system will not be limited to only truck owners.

Once one of our batteries has run out of charge, simply exchange your depleted battery with a fully charged replacement battery. Purchase as many spare batteries as you need.