The Worksport Smart Fold is our second innovation in the tonneau cover market. The Worksport Smart Fold is, at its core, an aggressively priced soft tri folding tonneau cover, but with our patented and recently re-engineered Smart Latch system.

Making the Worksport Smart Fold the first and only soft tri folding tonneau to use an innovative and more convenient rear latching system. Made with all of the same great quality materials and craftsmanship as our Worksport Tri fold, the Worksport Smart Fold is designed for the truck owner who needs quick, easy, and convenient access to their trucks bed without having to walk to both sides of their truck to open and close their cover.

Our patented smart latch system allows the cover to be opened by simply pulling down on one release cable located at the rear of the tonneau cover. Closing the cover is just as easy – simply push down or slam it shut with the tailgate opened or closed!

Starting at $279