The Worksport Quattro exemplifies the ultimate in design and functionality.

The Worksport Quattro not only folds easily into four compact sections but also folds up towards the back window. This elite quad folding tonneau cover is designed to remain below cab height, ensuring minimal wind resistance and road noise while preventing potential product damage. The unique functionality of the Worksport Quattro allows true 100% use of the trucks bed on demand, from tailgate to bulkhead.

The Worksport Quattro maintains full 3rd brake light visibility and partial rear window visibility on truck models with beds shorter than 6 feet when folded towards the rear window.

The Worksport Quattro comes with three latching points using a combination of our patented smart latch system as well as our quick latch system for unparalleled security and a superior weather resistant real.

A soft folding tonneau cover has never made more sense!

Starting at $369