Worksport is proud to enter into the hard tri folding tonneau market with the Worksport Forte. The Worksport Forte is built to be extremely robust, constructed using zinc plated, powder coated galvanized steel which offers superior dent and scratch resistance. The Forte is developed with the high quality materials and craftsmanship expected by the Worksport consumer.

Worksport has increased the versatility and function of the tonneau cover by developing a unique smart storage system built into ever Worksport Forte. The Worksport storage system consists of both a cargo dividing bag as well as a smart storage bag.

The Forte’s cargo divider is easily attached on the front or back panel using a heavy duty zipper system. The cargo divider consists of a dividing net and two easy to use storage pouches. The cargo divider is easily zipped on or off the tonneau cover and can be attached to the truck factory tie down loops to separate your cargo or attached to the bottom of the cover to keep it up and away from the truck bed.

To complement the cargo divider, the included Worksport Forte smart storage bag has added a whole new element to functional bed usage! The smart storage bag, like the cargo divider, can divide cargo, be attached vertically with the tonneau cover or easily removed. Once removed the smart storage bag can be zipped together to form a convenient shoulder or hand carry bag.

The Worksport Forte can divide your trucks bed in up to three compartments, store and transport smaller items, and offers you security, peace of mind, and weather protection all in one aggressively priced truck bed system.

Starting at $689