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Sustainability, decarbonization and setting new standards for environmental policies is our mission as we seek to provide the world with automotive and emergent clean energy solutions for work, home and play.

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Investing in Worksport is investing in the future of green energy

A future free of harmful emissions from vehicles and other pollutants. This is the Terravis Energy vision. Working towards a greener tomorrow with the latest innovations in cleantech and green tech, it’s the Worksport Way.

Hydrogen Energy

A renewable resource where the only byproduct is water, Hydrogen sits at the cusp of notoriety. Worksport’s Terravis Energy is at the forefront of the Hydrogen revolution with five products in various stages of development.

  • NPEV DC Fast Charger
  • NPEV + H2 EV Fast Charger + Hydrogen Refueling Station
  • Terravis Energy Nanogrid
  • Microgrid Energy

Worksport in the Media

When an offering gets this much attention it is a sign to stand up and take notice. Some of the biggest names in Cleantech are talking Worksport.

Worksport Ltd. was founded in 2011 with a passion for making products better, simpler, and more beautiful, bringing innovation to an innovation-less market.

Be Part of the Future

Revolutionizing the automotive industry and beyond.

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